Epoxy table

Where is it written that the bed has to be in the bedroom only? Let your imagination run free and bring new and practical ideas into your garden! One of them can be a solid garden bed in which you can indulge in relaxation every day. Our joinery specialises in custom-made, stylish terrace beds and garden swing beds. You can choose between your dream garden swing bed or have a whole collection made to measure. Our joiners will make you a bed for the perfect outdoor relaxation. We’ll use materials that will match perfectly with your pergola or other garden furniture, and we’ll give it a coat of paint that’s already been used on other materials in the garden.

Epoxidovy stolek
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Epoxidovy stolek


For both modern and classic interiors, epoxy tables are a great choice. The space gets a new dominant natural element that will impress at first sight with its structure, size and colour, while blending in perfectly with the rest of the furniture. Epoxy resin tables offer a combination of different wood species with colours that virtually fill the space between the twisted individual pieces of wood. Our joinery specialises in producing epoxy tables and desks in a variety of sizes to suit customer requirements. We use carefully selected woods for production, with which we have many years of experience. Each epoxy table is an original. Invest in a unique piece of furniture for your interior or exterior.