Garden beds

Garden beds are definitely a trend nowadays. This type of somewhat unconventional furniture is growing in popularity and is becoming an essential part of every modern garden. A wooden garden bed provides a stylish yet comfortable place to relax. During tropical nights, the garden bed can also be used for overnight stays. Enjoy a good night’s sleep in the fresh air under a sky full of bright stars! We produce wooden garden beds in a variety of materials, all according to the customer’s wishes. Usually it is a wooden structure made of beams into which the bed itself is hung. The base can be made up of terrace planks, and the whole set is then roofed.

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Where is it written that the bed has to be in the bedroom only? Let your imagination run free and bring new and practical ideas into your garden! One of them can be a solid garden bed in which you can indulge in relaxation every day. Our joinery specialises in custom-made, stylish terrace beds and garden swing beds. You can choose between your dream garden swing bed or have a whole collection made to measure. Our joiners will make you a bed for the perfect outdoor relaxation. We’ll use materials that will match perfectly with your pergola or other garden furniture, and we’ll give it a coat of paint that’s already been used on other materials in the garden.