Renovation of wooden terraces

Although we produce wooden terraces from the best quality materials, the weather gradually causes the wood to turn grey, algae and cracks. That is why we carry out a complete service, i.e. cleaning and renovation of wooden terraces using special techniques and many years of experience. For renovation we use brushing machines, which effectively remove dirt and the original dull coating from the grid of the terrace board. Then we sand the surface using professional sanding techniques. Afterwards, we treat the surface with a double coat of oil, possibly in the colour of the customer’s choice. We are also able to provide more extensive renovation of wooden terraces, for example, replacement of stainless steel screws, individual planks or subfloor prisms. It all depends on the specific condition of the terrace, the renovation possibilities and the customer’s requirements.

Renovace dřevěných teras
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Renovace dřevěných teras


Our long-term experience in the renovation of wooden surfaces has led us to our current complete range of wooden terrace renovation. We can renovate wooden terrace boards and, most importantly, extend their lifespan. Our joiners are able to renovate outdoor terraces to make them look like new again. When renovating wooden terraces, it is essential that our experienced technician first assesses the current condition. Wooden terrace renovation is our specialty. We have completed dozens of jobs. We can advise you on the appropriate wood treatment not only on the terrace, but also on stairs, gazebos and pergolas. We can recommend suitable wood maintenance products. Our skilled floor specialists have many years of experience and are continuously trained in this field to use various machines and procedures.