Wooden terraces installation

The wood we use is a very durable and long-lasting material, even when facing adverse weather conditions. Water and frost do not bother them if the floor is well ventilated. Therefore, when installing a terrace, grates are used to prevent direct contact between the subfloor and the wood, allowing the planks to breathe sufficiently. Special grates are made from subfloor prisms, to which the terrace planks are then attached. The prisms and the terrace boards must be of the same material so that they work evenly under weather conditions. The terrace boards can be installed in two ways. The most common method of installation is the use of special stainless steel screws. Another option is the use of so-called clips, which are used to connect the individual terrace boards. Small gaps are left between the planks so that the wood, as an organic material, can continue to work.

Pokládka dřevěných teras
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Pokládka dřevěných teras


If you want to have a luxurious paved space to relax in front of your house, then a wooden terrace is the best choice. It will give your house and garden an exclusive look. Wood is an aesthetic material that is a common feature and addition to gardens, as it gives a cosy and warm impression in garden architecture. We design wooden terraces according to the customer’s wishes. We try to meet their ideas, so each of our terraces is interesting and atypical. The priority of our joinery is the quality and price of all our products. The installation of wooden terraces is carried out in the highest quality. We use modern technologies for our work. We carefully select the wood for the terrace and machine it ourselves. The quality is achieved by the use of quality woods with a higher density. Thanks to this, our customers can rely on the long-term durability of our wooden terraces.