Wooden terraces maintenance

Some wood species are more resistant, others less so, but in general, wooden terraces do not like ultraviolet light, humidity and temperature changes. Wood is constantly working, and once water gets in and the ambient temperature changes rapidly (most often frost), it will crack easily. The cracked and damp wood then becomes a breeding ground and home for wood-destroying insects and fungi that continue to destroy it. To ensure that you can enjoy your wooden terrace comfortably for as long as possible, it is essential to look after it regularly. That’s what we’re here for! You should have your wooden terrace cleaned at least twice a year with a pressure washer to remove unwanted dirt from the planks. Ideally once in autumn and once in spring. After thorough cleaning, the surface should be re-treated with a special oil for wooden terraces, which protects the planks from UV rays and prevents water from penetrating the wood. The oil serves as an excellent prevention against cracks and gives the wood an exquisite appearance.

Údržba a čištění dřevěných teras
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Údržba a čištění dřevěných teras


Every terrace is a floor and every floor needs to be cleaned. Cleaning a wooden terrace is therefore essential to maintain its lifespan. With the right terrace cleaner, we can prolong the life and slow down the greying of the wood. All outdoor terraces require specific cleaning products, cleaning systems and protective coatings. Each wood is unique in its strength and texture. For perfect terrace maintenance, we offer our flooring service, which is performed by expert technology. Our joiners carry out the cleaning of wooden terraces taking into account the type, level of soiling and extent of damage to the wood. After thoroughly cleaning the wood, we use pigmented oils to protect the outdoor wooden terrace, restoring its original colour and slowing down the greying process.